Debbie Gaines Scholarship

Several years ago, a wonderful woman named Debbie Gaines passed on from this life to go be with her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Mrs. Gaines had a beautiful spirit. She loved helping people, especially students.  When she passed, her husband wanted to continue her legacy by giving back to students who had a desire to further their education.  This scholarship will be awarded to a selected group of students who are planning to attend or continuing to attend a college, university, post-secondary school, or technical school.  If you desire to apply, please fill out the attached application completely. You will also need to write a brief essay stating what your faith in Christ means to you.  Please do not exceed 200 words.  Finally, we will need a copy of your transcript.  All of this information must be returned to Calvary Baptist Church by April 1, 2019.